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Oleego Story

Without a doubt, Parks BBQ is renowned as one of the top Korean restaurants in Los Angeles for providing the finest quality and taste of Korean cuisine. In order to make this authentic, mouthwatering Korean BBQ more accessible and affordable, Parks BBQ has expanded to create an express version of it in the heart of Los Angeles – Oleego by Parks BBQ.
“Oleego” means “to lay on” in Korean. This gourmet fast casual restaurant combines premium Korean food with speed, a combination that has never yet to be seen. The concept is to allow customers to create their own fresh meal from the selection of Parks BBQ’s protein, with rice, noodles, or greens, and a variety of sauces into a single bowl.
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In 2003, Jenee Kim opened Parks BBQ, one of the most successful Korean restaurants in Los Angeles, in order to pursue her dreams of sharing her passion for food, expanding her national culture, and amplifying its exquisite culinary experience with the Los Angeles community. Her approach is excellence and adhering to the traditions of Korean cuisine, which has been known to promote healthier lifestyles and to be a great deterrent to adult diseases, such as obesity. She thrives to provide diners with the best experience stemming from the finest service, and is also an advocate of sourcing the best ingredients available. Following the success and popularity of Parks BBQ, Jenee has created Oleego as a way to provide guests the “Parks” experience, on the go.